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Cowhide brown 14


Stylish cowhide with a brown color that fits in most homes. A cowhide  can give the home a unique "look" and it is very durable and easy to maintain. Cowhide are timeless and fit very well to have under the dining room group or couch group. The cowhide that is on the picture is the one you order.

Dimensions of cowhide: Length: about 168 cm Width: about 153 cm.

Care advice cowhide:

The cowhide can be weathered and vacuumed if necessary (always remember to vacuum in the same direction as the hair using the vacuum cleaner's flat nozzle). If you spill liquid on the cowhide, you can use paper towels primarily to absorb the liquid quickly. If you have dried stains, you can carefully remove these with a slightly damp sponge or cloth (this also with the hair direction). It can also be possible to gently scrape off these dried spots.

If the cowhide is heavily stain you can use lukewarm water wool shampoo and sponge. Be careful not to soak the cowhide more than necessary and dry it hanging in room temperature. Cowhides can also be submitted to dry cleaning. It should never be washed in a washing machine. The cowhide should not be exposed to strong sunshine or high heat.

The cowhides in genuine leather are a natural product and each cowhide is unique in color, shape, pattern and can have scars after, insects on it.

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