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Leather tray green
Leather tray green
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Förkläde Prestige Sleifi, M

Delbetala från 86.00Kr /mån


Leather Apron is exclusive, beautiful and practical.
It smells good of genuine leather.
A brace apron with chef toss and small pocket, fits grill master in the kitchen.
In his pocket, store lighters, and the strap hanging a towel so you can dry you off at the fast and easy.
Very handy with a chef bout. There are many linnehandukar, choose a color that suits you. Complete with barbecue mitt in the same leather.

A much appreciated gift.
Produced in genuine calf leather with a luxurious aroma of leather.
The apron is nice to use because it is smooth and soft.
It has dosed neck strap and drawstring for your best comfort.

Size: Medium
Color: Café Noir

Sizes Total length:
Medium 110cm
Large 120cm
Extra large 130cm

The model on picture nr one is 188 cm long and has apron size L.

Our leather aprons seen in the program Grill Masters at TV4.
All contestants have leather apron Prestige Sleifi size medium in itself, that which you order here.

Leather aprons are practical to use in the kitchen.
You are quick drying of your skin apron if you spill something on it.
Lubricate please enter your apron before using it for optimum protection.

Washing instructions for leather aprons
We recommend that you wash your apron when needed with a gall soap with the proper pH for your apron and the environment.
Then when it is clean and dry relubrication of the apron of leather or leather fat oil.
Gall soap solid or liquid and Gold Quality leather grease or oil are completing the online store.
These products are suitable for all Leather goods for laundry.


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nahkarasva musta pigmentti 190ml
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Nahkarasva 190ml
Nahkarasva 190ml
Förkläde, Prestige Sleifi, L
Förkläde, Prestige Sleifi, L
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